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  • Sale! 72 Nature Study Activity Cards samples

    72 Printable Nature Study Activity Cards


    I’m excited to introduce our brand new set of 72 printable nature study activity cards, designed specifically for homeschoolers like you.

  • Sale! Animal Tracks Bundle sample of pages

    Animal Tracks Bundle


    Enjoy these 28 pages of Animal Track fun. These are a great addition to your nature study or forest school. This is a BUNDLE of the following three products:

    • Animal Tracks Identify the Tracks
    • Animal Tracks Flash Cards
    • Animal Tracks Clip Cards
  • Sale! Animal Tracks Clip Cards page samples

    Animal Tracks Clip Cards


    Enjoy these Animal Tracks Clip Cards for learning more about the animal tracks you see outside.

    What do you get?

    • 1 poster with labeled animal tracks
    • 15 cards to match the track to the animal
    • 15 cards to match the animal to the tracks
  • Sale! Animal Tracks Flash Cards sample pages

    Animal Tracks Flash Cards


    Enjoy these Animal Flash Cards with your young learners.

    What do you get?

    • 2 pages to write the animal names
    • 15 flashcards with names of animals
    • 15 flashcards to match the name to the animal
  • Sale! Animal Tracks Identify the Tracks sample pages

    Animal Tracks Identify the Tracks


    Enjoy these Animal Tracks – Identify the Tracks with your young learners. These are great for learning more about the animal tracks you see when you are out for a nature walk.

    What do you get?

    • 2 animal track coloring pages
    • 3 label the tracks pages
    • 2 pages for drawing a line from the animal to their tracks
    • and more!
  • Chicken Life Cycle printable samples

    Chicken Life Cycle


    Chicken Life Cycle Printable – an invaluable resource designed to bring the wonders of nature into your classroom!

    Perfect for educators seeking an engaging and educational tool, this printable offers a comprehensive exploration of the chicken life cycle.

  • Sale! may nature calendar sample

    June Nature Study Calendar


    Whether you’re a seasoned nature enthusiast or just starting to explore the great outdoors, our June homeschool calendar has something for everyone. From observing plants and animals to learning about the stars and constellations, each activity is designed to be educational, interactive, and fun for the whole family.

  • Sale! nature drawing prompts sample pages

    Nature Drawing Prompt Pages


    Ignite your child’s creativity and love for the great outdoors with our Nature Drawing Prompt Pages. Designed to inspire young artists, these pages are the perfect tool for fostering a deep connection to the natural world while honing artistic skills.

  • Sale! Ocean Alphabet Flashcards samples

    Ocean Alphabet Flashcards


    This is a fun set of Ocean Alphabet Flashcards for those learning their letters in a fun way. Perfect for kids interested in the ocean.

    These aren’t words typical for kids learning the alphabet. But perfect for nature lovers. There are actually 3 different sets that include the same animals, but the flashcards can be used in different ways.

  • Sale! Shark Clip Cards Counting to 12 samples

    Shark Clip Cards Counting to 12


    Get ready for springtime fun with our Shark Clip Cards Counting to 12 printable! This delightful set of clip cards is perfect for young learners who are just beginning to develop their counting skills.

  • Sale!

    Shark Information Bookmark Set


    Introducing our captivating Shark Information Bookmark Set!

    Dive into the fascinating world of 8 unique sharks, including:

    • nurse
    • great white
    • leopard
    • lemon
    • angel
    • hammerhead
    • whale
    • reef
  • Spring Write the Room - Bugs - Insects samples

    Spring Write the Room – Bugs – Insects


    This Spring Write the Room Set is a perfect way for your learners to get up and stretch their little legs during writing centers this spring.

    If you’re a teacher looking for an easy spring Themed Write the Room set this is the product for you. Includes 12 different images – 11 insects, and 1 flower.