Spring Nature Walk Themes

A Spring nature walk can be enjoyable for all of us, it’s warmer with new growth everywhere.

Take pictures and try to identify them later, or bring along a field guide to help you identify them on the spot.

Wildflower Hunt

You can also try to spot nests or other signs of bird activity. Just make sure to teach your child about not disturbing nests or momma not come back for her eggs or babies.


Insect Safari

Spring is the time when insects start to emerge from their winter hiding places. Take a magnifying glass or microscope along on your nature walk to get a closer look.

Spring is a great time to learn about trees and plants. Take a nature walk and see how many different types of trees and plants you can identify.

Tree and Plant Identification

If you live in an area with rocky terrain, spring is the perfect time to go rock collecting. Look for interesting rocks, fossils, and minerals as you walk.

Rock Collecting

Whatever theme you choose, remember to take along a camera, notebook, and field guide to help you record your findings and learn more about the natural world around you.