Advice for Next Year’s Students From This Year’s Students

Inside: End-of-year writing activity printable set: students offer advice to next year’s class. Ideal for the end of the school year.

As the school year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time for students to reflect on their year and share valuable insights with next year’s students. Our “Advice to Next Year’s Students” end-of-the-year writing activity printable set is designed to make this process enjoyable and meaningful.

Advice to Next Year's Students End of the Year Writing Activity samples of pages

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Advice for Next Year’s Students From This Year’s Students

This resource is ideal for the classroom, offering a delightful way for students to express their wisdom and creativity.

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What’s Included in the Set

This set includes 15 pages specifically designed for students to write their advice to incoming students. Each page provides ample space for students to share their thoughts, ensuring they can offer detailed and thoughtful advice.

Pennant Options – Class Decor for Next Year!

To add a creative touch, the set includes pennant options. These pennants are perfect for creating a visually appealing bulletin board display in the fall, showcasing advice from outgoing students and welcoming new ones.

5-Page Flip Book

The highlight of this set is the 5-page flip book. Students can compile their advice into a fun and interactive flip book, making it a memorable keepsake for both themselves and the incoming students. This flip book format adds an element of excitement and engagement to the writing activity.

Advice to Next Year's Students End of the Year Writing Activity samples of pages

Who is this Resource For?

This printable set is perfect for teachers who want an easy, no-prep writing activity for the end of the year. It allows students to reflect on their learning and share their expertise, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride. The activity also helps teachers create a supportive and welcoming environment for the next group of students.

Features and Benefits

  1. Comprehensive Writing Pages: With 15 pages dedicated to writing advice, students have plenty of space to articulate their thoughts. This extensive format allows for a variety of topics, from practical tips about classroom routines to more personal advice about making friends and handling challenges.
  2. Black and White Copies: The set includes black and white versions of each page, making it easy to print and distribute. This feature is especially useful for teachers and parents looking to save on printing costs while still providing a high-quality educational resource.
  3. Customizable Page Size: Each page is designed to be 8.5″ x 11″, but users can adjust the size in their printer settings. This flexibility ensures that the printable set can be tailored to fit different needs and preferences, whether for individual student use or larger classroom displays.

Advice to Next Year’s Students End of the Year Writing Activity


Here is an easy end-of-the-year writing activity for your students. Students love being the experts of their class, and offering advice to next year’s students. This flip book makes a really fun writing activity, and it means a lot to read what beautiful advice students are giving incoming students.

The “Advice to Next Year’s Students” End-of-the-Year Writing Activity Printable Set is an engaging and meaningful resource for both educators and students.

By providing structured writing pages, creative pennant options, and a fun flip book format, this set encourages students to reflect on their experiences and share valuable advice with future classmates.

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