Christmas Write the Room Printable

Inside: This Christmas Write the Room printable is just the thing to get everyone moving and keep learning.

Are you ready for Christmas fun this December? Everyone is excited and bouncing around. It can be hard to keep anyone on task. Sometimes it helps to get everyone up and moving around the room to get some energy out while you keep learning. This Christmas Write the Room printable is just the thing to get everyone moving and keep learning.

Christmas Write the Room sample pages

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Christmas Write the Room Printable

I recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we love it around here. I also recognize that you might not be able to do Christmas in your public school classroom, in which case you might e interested in checking out our Winter Write the Room set.

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What is Christmas Write the Room?

Christmas Write the Room is an interactive learning game designed to engage children in a fun and educational way. The game involves a series of Christmas-themed words or images placed around a room.

The task for the children is to find the words, read them, and then write them down on their recording sheets.

This activity is a great way to improve children’s reading, writing, and observation skills while also getting them into the holiday spirit.

The words and images in this set include:

  • present
  • Santa
  • reindeer
  • snowman
  • penguin
  • gingerbread
  • ornament
  • tree
  • bell
  • wreath
  • snow globe
  • stocking
Christmas Write the Room sample pages

Recording Sheets & Pages

Recording sheets are an essential part of the ‘ game. They serve as the canvas where children can write down the Christmas-themed words they find around the room.

These sheets not only help to track the children’s progress as they go around the room but also serve as a great tool for practicing handwriting and spelling.

I have also included some writing pages that would be great on your bulletin board.

Christmas Write the Room sample pages

How to Use


This Christmas Write the Room game is available in both full-color and black-and-white versions. The full-color version is vibrant and lively, perfect for catching the attention of young learners.

On the other hand, the black-and-white version is perfect for those who prefer a printer-friendly option that saves on ink. And allows you or your kids to do the coloring!

Setting Up Your Write the Room

Choose the set of task cards that you want to use. There is the choice between black and white, but also there are two different types of task cards: one set with the word of the image and a set without the word under the image.

Then place your task cards around the room for your children to find.

Next decide on whether your children will find the image and write the number in the correct spot, or find the card that corresponds to the number and write the image word in the correct spot.

Christmas Write the Room


This Christmas Write the Room Set is a perfect way for your learners to get up and stretch their little legs during writing centers this holiday season.

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