Learning From A Bird’s Nest

Birds are fascinating creatures, and observing them in their natural habitats can be an exciting and educational experience. Explore nature find, observe a bird’s nest, and talk to your kids about what they are seeing. Grab a bird book so you can identify the bird you see building a nest. Learn everything about those birds.

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Learning From A Bird’s Nest

Bird nests come in many shapes and sizes, and are made from a variety of materials, including twigs, grasses, and feathers.

Grab a bird guidebook to help you identify different types of bird nests, and learn about the different materials and techniques birds use to build them. Different birds make different styles of books and use different materials in their nests.

Finding Bird Nests

To find a bird’s nest, you’ll need to observe the behavior of the birds around you.

Look for birds carrying twigs or other materials in their beaks, or listen for the sounds of baby birds chirping. You can also look for signs of nesting activity, like piles of feathers or droppings near a tree or bush.

Once you’ve found a nest, be sure to observe it from a safe distance. Avoid getting too close, as this can disturb the birds and cause them to abandon their nest, or the birds may attack you.

You can use binoculars or a zoom lens on your camera to get a closer look.

We got lucky enough to get to watch a nest from our enclosed porch one year. We saw the eggs, through to the babies leaving the nest. We all loved it!

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Learning from Bird Nests

Observing bird nests can teach us a lot about the behavior and biology of birds. Here are a few activities you can do to learn more:

  • Record observations: Keep a journal of your observations of the birds and their nest. Note the type of birds you see, the location of the nest, and any interesting behaviors or interactions you observe.
  • Bird anatomy: Study the anatomy of birds and how it relates to their ability to build nests and care for their young. Our printable Bird Anatomy Worksheet (sign up for our resource library below) can help you learn about different parts of the bird’s body and its functions.
  • Nest building: Build your own bird nest using materials found in nature. Try to replicate the techniques and materials used by different bird species.

Finding and observing bird nests is a fun and educational activity that can teach homeschoolers about the behavior and biology of birds. By using our printable resources and following best practices for observing wildlife, homeschoolers can develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it.

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