Candy Corn Bump Game for Multiplication Fun

Inside: Transform math into a Halloween adventure with our Candy Corn Bump Game for Multiplication – Perfect for classrooms & homeschooling fun!

Math can be a challenging subject for many elementary school students, but it doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous. There are engaging and interactive ways to practice their skills. Such as our Candy Corn Bump Dice Game.

Candy Corn Halloween Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12 samples

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Candy Corn Bump Game for Multiplication Fun

Check out this seasonal approach to learning and practicing multiplication and get your printable set today.

Whether you are an educator looking to enhance your classroom activities or a homeschooling parent seeking innovative ways to teach math, this printable game is a valuable addition to your teaching arsenal.

I love activities that are fun enough that kids want to do them and they are learning something or practicing a skill like multiplication.

The game’s unique feature of progressing through multiplication tables from 2 to 12 ensures that students get comprehensive practice. It starts with basic addition, allowing students to build a strong foundation before moving on to more complex multiplication.

Teachers can incorporate this game into their lessons as a fun and effective way to reinforce multiplication skills.

Take the Struggle Out of Learning & Practicing Multiplication Facts

Candy Corn bump game sample

Do you have kids who don’t like math? I’m raising both hands, and feet, and nodding my head!!

I know the struggle of trying to get kids excited about learning multiplication facts. All of my five boys would rather clean toilets than do their homeschool math.

Many days, I’d rather clean toilets than go through the ordeal of nagging them to get their math done!

Instead of adding fuel to the fire and letting that struggle get out of control, I got smart.

Boring flashcards and worksheets just weren’t going to cut it. My boys, like most kids, want fun. They want hands-on and colorful.

But, I don’t always have a ton of time to organize games and lessons to make homeschool math fun. I need open-and-go and as stress-free as possible!

To make sure that I have these activities ready to go when we need them, I started creating and collecting fun homeschool math resources. And these mandalas for kids with multiplication themes are perfect!

Candy Corn Halloween Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12


This Candy Corn Halloween Multiplication Bump game is a fun elementary-age game for students. Bump combines number fluency, recognition, and basic addition on the first page. Discover tips on getting the most out of this math activity HERE!

Candy Corn Halloween Bump Dice Game

What are bump dice games? These are fun elementary-age games for students. Bump combines number fluency, recognition, and basic multiplication.

My kids love competing with each other on every level and math is just one of those. These games test your kids’ math facts with a set of dice and a copy of this game.

Now, we’re using games for math fun!

My third and fifth-grade kids are learning and practicing multiplication in our homeschool. Neither are not huge fans of memorizing multiplication facts.

With their enthusiasm for games, I thought my kids would get excited to practice their math with this bump dice game.

Well, maybe not exactly excited, but I’ll take willing to complete their work without curling into a ball under the table!

These multiplication game pages have been a huge hit! This hands-on activity has worked wonders for helping my boys memorize their math facts.

And these multiplication worksheets are just the start of our dice games for kids learning fun (more coming soon!).

Candy Corn Halloween Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12 samples.

Bump Dice Game for Easy Math Fun

If your kids are learning multiplication facts, you’ll want this fun set of printable game pages.

This pack includes twelve game pages of multiplication dice game fun. Your kids will practice multiplication facts of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12, and bonus variety multiplication facts page!

The only supplies you’ll need for the math fun are a printer, a couple of dice, and place markers of some type, like bingo marker discs.

So, why stick to boring textbooks when you can turn math into an exciting game with this delightful resource? Embrace the Candy Corn Halloween Bump Dice Game and watch your students or children develop multiplication skills with enthusiasm and joy.

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