Exploring 2D Shapes with Fun and Interactive Shape Mats

As educators, it is our responsibility to find innovative and engaging ways to teach geometry to our students. With this in mind, I developed a fun and interactive toolshape mats, to help students explore 2D shapes in a hands-on and engaging manner.

Shape Sorting Mats sample of product

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Exploring 2D Shapes with Fun and Interactive Shape Mats

These shape mats provide a tactile and visual experience for students, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. I have come up with seven different ways to use these mats in your lessons to keep your students interested in learning and to have fun while they do!

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Fun Ways to Use These Shapes Mats

One thing to do when it comes to teaching younger kids is to think outside the box. I know that is a worn out phrase but it holds truth to it. Yes you can get your kids to sort shapes in a center (like our first suggestion below) but when you change things up, kids have fun and are engaged in their learning!

Shape Sorting Center

  • Set up a dedicated station with the printed Shape Mats and matching cards.
  • Instruct students to match the corresponding shapes on the cards to the shapes on the mats.
  • Encourage discussions about the characteristics of each shape as they sort and match.
Shape Sorting Mats sample of product

Interactive Game Corner

  • Transform the Shape Mats into a game where students take turns picking a card and finding the matching shape mat.
  • Incorporate a point system or small rewards to make it competitive and engaging.
  • This encourages social interaction and teamwork.

Sensory Learning Area

  • Add a tactile element by using textured materials (e.g., fabric, sandpaper) to cover the shape mats.
  • Students can then feel the shapes to identify and match them with the corresponding cards, enhancing sensory learning.
Shape Sorting Mats sample of product

Shape Hunt Challenge

  • Hide the matching cards around the classroom or learning space.
  • Provide clues or riddles related to the shapes, and challenge students to find and match the cards to the correct mats.
  • This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Group Collaboration Project

  • Assign groups of students with different shapes to work on.
  • Have each group create a mini-presentation explaining their assigned shape, its properties, and where it can be found in the real world.
  • This fosters teamwork, research skills, and public speaking.
Shape Sorting Mats sample of product

Storytelling with Shapes

  • Integrate the Shape Mats into a storytelling center.
  • Ask students to create imaginative stories using the shapes on the mats as characters or elements in their narratives.
  • This combines literacy skills with shape recognition.

Outdoor Shape Scavenger Hunt

  • Take the learning outside by using sidewalk chalk to draw shapes on the pavement.
  • Give students matching cards and challenge them to find and place the cards on the corresponding shapes outdoors.
  • This provides a change of environment and adds a physical activity element to the learning process.

2D Shape Sorting Mats – Multiple Ways to Use!


Shape Mats Printable – the perfect tool to make learning 2D shapes an enjoyable adventure for children! Designed with bright and captivating visuals, this printable set provides an engaging platform for young minds to practice recognizing and sorting geometric wonders. Learn about 7 fun ways to use these with your students here!


You can use these in whatever way works for your students. Sometimes kids just need to be able to see things, and hold them in their hands to make connections. Everyone learns in different ways so why not give them all the ways to learn?

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