7 Reasons to Include Nature-Based Learning

Include nature-based learning experiences in your homeschool and watch how it can transform everything about your homeschool. This approach might help break the cycle of being discouraged when working on lessons, transforming your homeschool from a place that you dread to a place of anticipation.

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7 Reasons to Include Nature-Based Learning

It could change the energy in your homeschool room. You might not use a homeschool room, but you can take your lessons outside, or bring in pieces of nature to your home. The relaxing, calm feeling of being with nature can help.

All of reasons are connected to each other. Sometimes as parents we need to encourage our kids in getting outside. Something as simple as finding some flowers to look at, or birds to watch can open up their interest in nature.

Include Nature Study Because its Science

A nature study is a science that requires no equipment, no textbooks, or a curriculum to learn.

Just getting outside and observing nature is a great start to studying science. There are a few things that you can pick up to add to your own nature studies:

A bug collector set, including a magnifying glass, and a pocket microscope are great to have for enhancing nature-based learning.

A nature walk, growing plants, and raising animals are just some ways that you can study science in nature.

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Nature Study get Kids Outside More

I feel like this one is just a little extra bonus for homeschool parents. Or maybe it’s just my children who spend very little time in the house.

Nature studies give kids a reason to get outside and see what fun is to be had outside. It is a great way to introduce a love for nature.

Kids need to be able to move. It helps to improve concentration for school lessons, it even helps to improve sleep.

Nature study helps children to appreciate nature.

Children are born curious. They will stop to look closely at a flower or to watch a caterpillar crawl by. Encouraging them to continue in the natural world and interact in it, they realize they are part of it. Their love and respect for nature grow.

Nature-based learning gives children a base of knowledge on which to base other science studies.

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