Indoor Summer Nature Study Ideas

Sometimes in the summer, we get rain. Actually, in Nova Scotia, we could get rain every couple of days in the summer. It helps to have some “backup” plans for any nature studies that you want to do. Here are ten indoor Summer nature study ideas you can do on rainy days or even days that are too hot to get outside.

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Indoor Summer Nature Study Ideas

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to be outside for your nature study. Depending on where you live, Saskatchewan I’m looking at you, it might be too dang hot outside to spend too much time out there.

Create A Nature Journal

Use your journal to document and sketch different aspects of nature. You can draw plants, and animals, or even recreate landscapes. Research different species and include interesting facts and observations in your journal.

Maybe look at creating a moon journal.

Study Insects

Set up an insect observation area using a bug box or terrarium. Observe insects you find in your home or catch them gently and release them afterward. Learn about their behavior, life cycles, and unique adaptations.

Focus on short periods of time or you’ll end up with dead bugs.

Explore Weather Patterns

Study weather phenomena such as clouds, rainbows, and storms. Learn about different cloud formations and try predicting the weather based on cloud types. Record your observations and compare them to weather reports.

Learn About Birds

Set up a bird feeder or birdhouse near a window. Observe and identify different bird species that visit your feeder. Research their habits, migration patterns, and favorite foods. Keep a birding checklist in your nature journal.

Conduct Seed Experiments

Collect various seeds from fruits and vegetables and experiment with germination. Create a seed diary, plant the seeds in small pots, and observe their growth. Compare how different seeds germinate and thrive in various conditions.

Try: direct sowing in the dirt, placing seeds between two pieces of damp paper towel, etc.

Study Rocks and Minerals

Collect different rocks and minerals and learn about their properties, formation, and uses. Use a magnifying glass or microscope to examine their textures and patterns.

Create a rock collection and label each specimen.

Explore Aquatic Life

Set up a small aquarium or fish tank and study aquatic organisms. Observe fish, snails, or even tadpoles. Research their behavior, life cycles, and the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

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Investigate Plants

Study the growth and development of indoor plants. Learn about photosynthesis, plant anatomy, and how to care for different plant species. Experiment with propagating plants through cuttings or seeds.

Nature-Themed Crafts

Use natural materials like leaves, flowers, and twigs to create art and crafts. Make leaf rubbings, pressed flower cards, or twig sculptures. Get creative and use your imagination to transform nature into beautiful artwork.

Learn About Ecosystems

Research different ecosystems such as rainforests, deserts, or coral reefs. Create a mini-ecosystem in a terrarium or aquarium and observe how plants and animals interact. Understand the delicate balance within ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

You don’t have to spend the whole summer outside, or put off learning just because it rains.

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