Nature-Based Homeschool Options

Inside: Let’s begin our nature-based homeschool with the topic of what it entails. You can easily create your own nature-based homeschool at home.

Let’s begin our nature-based homeschool with the topic of what it entails. There is nature-based homeschool curriculum for homeschools but that doesn’t mean the only way to homeschool is to go buy those curriculums.

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Nature-Based Homeschool Options

You can easily create your own nature-based homeschool at home, on a budget.

Using nature studies when homeschooling is as effortless as taking part in a pastime and walking about outdoors. Unschooling nature-based homeschooling courses are an all-natural alternative. Nature’s beauty lies solely in its word. Including nature studies in homeschooling is as simple as taking a stroll daily.

Nature-Based Homeschool Options

Curriculum – There are beautiful curriculum options for a secular nature-based homeschool curriculum. There are language arts, math, and of course, science curriculum options.

Nature Study – a study of the objects of nature such as birds, flowers, minerals, and weather.

Birds Unit Studies


Introducing the Birds Unit Study for Homeschoolers: Engaging Exploration for Young Bird Enthusiasts!

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Nature Study

There are many books to stimulate and inspire interest in nature studies within your homeschool. One of our favored nature studies books is Nature Anatomy. It contains vivid illustrations, and its writing style prevents the reader from becoming bored.

Nature study encourages people to study the environment, a cornerstone of scientific inquiry. Natural research is simple research. It requires no special equipment or books. Sure, you can use a magnifying glass or a field guide to increase your investigation, but it is not necessary. Just get outside and start writing!

Some things you may want to carry with you outside include:

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Nature-Based Curriculum

Here are some of the curricula that I found that are both nature-based, and secular.

You really don’t need anything fancy for nature-based homeschooling. Simply go outside and enjoy nature around you. Having a picnic is a great way to enjoy nature without making a formal plan, or going for a walk in the woods or park.

Enjoy spending time in nature with your kids.

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