Popcorn Sight Words

Let’s turn learning sight words into a popping good time. This Popcorn Sight Words Game is educational and entertaining and is designed for elementary students. It includes all 220 Dolch Sight Words playfully and interactively.

Popcorn Sight Words product sample

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Popcorn Sight Words

This fun popcorn game might be just what you want for National Popcorn Day which lands on January 19th. National Popcorn Day is the whole reason I created this fun set, but it can be used all year long!

This set includes all 220 Dolch words: there are 40 pre-primer words. 52 Primer words. 41 first, 46 second, and 41 third words. Each word has its own piece of popcorn. Each set of words is on its own pages so you can grab the word levels you are looking for easily!

And there are of course popcorn containers!

Engaging Gameplay for Young Minds

The rules of the game are designed to keep young minds captivated. Students take turns picking a popcorn card from the bag. Successfully reading the word allows them to keep the card and build their popcorn pile.

But watch out for the “POP” card – if drawn, all pieces go back into the bag, adding an unexpected twist to the game.

Popcorn Sight Words product sample

Friendly Competition and Learning

The ultimate goal? To accumulate the most popcorn pieces by the end of the game. This friendly competition not only motivates students to practice their sight words but also fosters a positive learning environment.

How to Play:

  1. Players take turns picking a popcorn card from the bag.
  2. Correctly read words are kept to build a popcorn pile.
  3. Incorrectly read words go back into the bag for another chance.
  4. The “POP” card resets the game – a surprise element for added fun.
  5. The player with the most popcorn pieces at the end emerges as the sight word champion!
Popcorn Sight Words product sample

Colorful or Classic: Your Choice!

We understand that preferences vary, so we’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered. The game comes in two versions – a vibrant, full-color edition and a printer-friendly black and white copy.

Whether you’re a fan of a burst of colors or the simplicity of monochrome, you’re in control.

Popcorn Sight Words product sample

Transform learning into a thrilling experience with our Popcorn Sight Words Game. Watch as your students eagerly build their reading skills, one popcorn piece at a time! Make literacy a celebration with this engaging and educational addition to your teaching toolkit.

I have added a bulletin board sign that you can use on your bulletin board or classroom door to turn this set into a display of words. There are also blank pieces of popcorn too!

Popcorn Sight Words – 220 Dolch Sight Words


“Popcorn Sight Words Game” – a fun and engaging activity designed specifically for elementary students to enhance their reading skills while having a popping good time!


Printing Your Popcorn Sight Word Game

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink-to-fit button. All of our printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock. Some printables you might even want to laminate so you can reuse them later on. This game would be better laminated, with excited kids things happen and paper rips easily.

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