Explore the Cosmos with our Space Coloring Bookmarks Set

Inside: Embark on a cosmic coloring journey with our Space Bookmarks! Print, color, laminate, and explore the universe. Perfect for schools and homeschooling.

In a world filled with screens and digital distractions, the simplicity of coloring remains a timeless and therapeutic activity for both children and adults. Adding a bit of education to this pastime with our Space Coloring Bookmarks – a celestial collection that not only brings the beauty of the cosmos to life but also serves as an engaging educational tool.

Space bookmarks samples

These Space Coloring Bookmarks are a valuable addition to any public school setting, fostering a love for learning and curiosity about the cosmos.

Here’s how to use them into the classroom:

  1. Science Class Enrichment: Use the bookmarks as supplementary materials in science classes. They provide a visual aid to lessons about the solar system and spark discussions about the unique features of each planet.
  2. Interactive Learning Stations: Create interactive learning stations where students can color the bookmarks while discussing planetary characteristics with their peers. This hands-on approach enhances engagement and retention.
  3. Cross-Curricular Activities: Collaborate with art teachers to incorporate the coloring bookmarks into art classes, encouraging interdisciplinary exploration. Students can express their understanding of both science and art in a single project.
  4. Solar System Bulletin Board: Display the finished colored bookmarks on a dedicated solar system bulletin board. This not only showcases students’ creative efforts but also serves as a visual reference for ongoing lessons.
Space bookmarks samples

In the Homeschool Environment

Homeschooling provides a unique opportunity to tailor educational experiences to individual interests. The Planetary Coloring Bookmarks seamlessly fit into this flexible environment:

  1. Themed Learning Units: Create themed learning units centered around the planets. Use the coloring bookmarks as a starting point for in-depth exploration, incorporating related books, documentaries, and virtual tours.
  2. Family Science Night: Host a family science night where everyone, regardless of age, participates in coloring and discussing the planets. It’s a fun and collaborative way to engage the whole family in learning about the cosmos.
  3. Portfolio Building: Document your child’s educational journey by including the colored bookmarks in their portfolio. This showcases not only artistic abilities but also the knowledge gained about the solar system.
  4. Outdoor Learning: Take the learning experience outdoors! Bring the colored bookmarks on nature walks or stargazing sessions, encouraging discussions about the planets and their positions in the night sky.

Printing Tips

Before you embark on your cosmic coloring adventure, the first step is to ensure that your bookmarks are printed with the utmost precision and clarity. Here are some tips to optimize your printing experience:

  1. Paper Selection: Choose a sturdy paper or cardstock to give your bookmarks durability. A heavier weight paper will withstand the coloring process and, if desired, lamination.
  2. Printable PDF Format: Our bookmarks are provided in a convenient PDF format, allowing for easy printing. Make sure your printer settings are configured to maintain the original size of the bookmarks to preserve their intended proportions.
Space bookmarks samples

Now that your bookmarks are printed and ready, it’s time to infuse them with the vibrant hues of your imagination.

To extend the life of your Space Coloring Bookmarks and make them more resilient, laminating is, I think, the best option. Here’s how to preserve your cosmic masterpieces:

  1. Use Laminating Pouches: Opt for laminating pouches with a thickness of at least 5 mil for durability. This will protect your bookmarks from wear and tear, making them suitable for repeated use. But make sure your machine can use that thickness. We have the Scotch brand and it can do both 3 and 5 mil.
  2. Trimming Excess: After laminating, carefully trim any excess laminate around the edges of the bookmarks for a polished and professional finish. Don’t cut too close or you lose the seal.
  3. Hole Punch for Convenience: If you plan to use the bookmarks regularly, consider hole punching and adding a ribbon or string. This not only adds a decorative touch but also makes them easily accessible for everyday use.

Space Bookmarks – Color Your Own Bookmark


Enjoy these 25 unique space-themed bookmarks that your students can color in themselves. What do you get? 5 pages of bookmarks, 5 bookmarks per page


Our Space Coloring Bookmarks offer a delightful blend of education and creativity. Whether you’re in a bustling public school classroom or the intimate setting of a homeschool environment, these bookmarks provide a gateway to exploring the wonders of our solar system.

From printing to coloring and laminating, each step of the process is an invitation to embark on a cosmic journey, sparking curiosity and imagination along the way. The universe is vast and full of wonders – why not start exploring it one planet at a time?

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