Getting Started with Forest School Education

Forest school encourages children to engage in physical activities, problem-solving, and risk-taking. Through natural play and exploration, children develop confidence and self-esteem, creativity and problem-solving skills, and a connection to nature. Forest school education also instills a sense of responsibility in children, as they learn to work together and care for the environment.

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Getting Started with Forest School Education

Keeping your children active and engaged in the wild world around them will help you know and also teach them a little bit more about themselves and nurture subsequent problem-solving skills and independent learning habits.

To help get your children engaged with learning about wilderness skills, suggest a wilderness survival kit to them. You may be able to repurpose many of your own belongings to make all of the necessary components of this kit, and it will inspire your children’s interest in doing such activities independently.

I enjoyed going with them to buy their own items that they know they need to take care of and get to learn how to use them.

Specific items in the survival kit, such as:

  • a compass
  • paracord
  • signaling mirror
kids outside with Getting Started with Forest School Education text overlay

Benefits of Forest School

Give your kids some guidance on what each item is for, and see what they end up doing. Letting your kids try new things and explore different ideas on their own will help foster creativity and problem-solving skills. 

The life lessons and skills children learn outdoors will help them be more independent while fostering their creativity and motor skills.

By creating a forest school in your homeschool, you can provide your children with a unique learning environment that encourages exploration and independence. Not only will they gain an understanding of nature, they also get to develop a deep connection to nature.

This is something that has been proven to be beneficial to their physical and mental health. With the right safety measures and the right approach, forest school can be a fun and rewarding way to learn.

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