Let’s talk about introducing forest school in your homeschool. My kids love to spend time in the woods, enjoying their independence while learning to explore safely in the woods. They can also read a book while sitting on a swing we have hanging from a tree. You can easily re-create a forest school homeschool in your backyard.

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Introducing Forest School Homeschool

Forest school encourages kids to learn survival skills and other essentials for survival by doing them in an outdoor atmosphere. It is similar to taking classes outside. Forest school helps kids have fun and stay active.

Preschools and daycare forest schools present an alternative to conventional education for young children who will often attend these places. Forest schools offer a unique alternative in that children are out in the elements.

Forest school is the outdoors at all times no matter the weather. There are shelters in place for situations where it is particularly wet or cold, but forest school is generally outdoors. Yes, there are outhouses as well, because otherwise, it would be unhygienic and gross, to be honest.

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Forest School Homeschool

Forest School Activities

How to Dress for Forest School

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Getting Started with Forest School Education

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