Forest School Activity Cards

Sometimes we have a tendency to go too far out of the box when we want to do something with our kids, like forest school. It can feel like there is nothing you can do with your kids. I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of it for you. Here are 42 Forest School activity cards to keep things interesting and easy for you.

forest school card samples

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Forest School Activity Cards

The activity cards provide a variety of ideas for activities that can be adapted to any age group. The cards help minimize preparation time while still providing a quality learning experience. With these Forest School Activity Cards, you can make use of the outdoors to introduce new concepts and encourage curiosity.

Each card contains a set of instructions to get you started right away!

sample of the forest school activity cards

Forest School Activity Cards are designed to help you plan engaging and creative Forest School experiences. The cards provide learners with a range of activities that encourage exploration and discovery in the outdoors.

By utilizing these cards, you can provide your kids with an exciting and educational outdoor experience. Additionally, each card is designed to help nurture a connection between learners and their environment, as well as foster a love of the outdoors.

Print these cards out, cut them, and put them in a jar. Each day pull a card out and do that activity. It’s an easy way to have something to do outside of the normal nature walk or bird watching.

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