Christmas Multiplication Bump Game for Kids

Inside: Christmas Bump It Game – a festive multiplication adventure that makes learning joyful for homeschool parents and teachers alike! Happy gaming and happy learning!

Christmas is a time of joy, wonder, and excitement, especially for children. It is also a time when parents and educators look for creative and engaging ways to teach and reinforce important skills. This game combines the festive atmosphere of Christmas with the fundamental math skills of multiplication, making it an ideal educational tool for children.

Christmas Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12 samples

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Christmas Multiplication Bump Game

Are you looking for an exciting and festive way to enhance your students’ multiplication skills? Look no further than the Christmas Bump It game! This delightful game not only adds a sprinkle of holiday cheer to learning but also turns multiplication practice into a lively and engaging activity.

How to Play

The rules are simple and perfect for both homeschooling sessions and classroom environments. Each player takes turns rolling two dice.

The product of the two dice is the number of squares a player can advance their piece on the game board. If a player lands on a square occupied by an opponent’s piece, they can joyfully “bump” that piece off the board and take its place.

The game continues until one player successfully places all their pieces on the board, declaring them the cheerful winner. The magic lies in the fact that while children are having a blast playing, they are also unknowingly reinforcing their multiplication skills.

Christmas Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12

Why Choose the Christmas Bump It Game?

As a homeschool parent or public school teacher, you’ll appreciate the many benefits of this festive game. Not only does it make math enjoyable, but it also fosters a sense of togetherness during the holiday season.

Picture the entire family engaged in a friendly match during homeschool game night or incorporate it into your classroom as a fun, educational activity.

This game is not just a source of holiday merriment; it’s a tool to keep young minds sharp during the festive break. Who would have thought that multiplication practice could be so joyful and entertaining?

So, this Christmas season, consider bringing the Christmas Bump It game into your homeschool or classroom. It’s a heartwarming and educational way to celebrate the holidays, and your students are sure to embrace the festive spirit of learning. Happy gaming, and may your holidays be filled with joy and multiplication magic!

Christmas Bump Dice Game with Multiplication Up to 12


This Christmas Multiplication Bump game is a fun elementary-age game for students. Bump combines number fluency, recognition, and basic addition on the first page.   Each following page allows students to work on their multiples. This is a great way to practice basic multiplication in a fun game.

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